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    Renminbi financing allows international businesses to participate in the growth of the Chinese economy by using China's own currency to manage working capital, fund expansion, match receipts with payments and boost their profile in among Asian investors.

    Companies can fund renminbi offshore and on the Mainland with HSBC. Offshore, we offer full renminbi trade financing facilities, loans and the capability to raise bonds in a range of countries. All working capital, trade and receivables finance can be used outside China while bonds and loans raised offshore can be remitted onshore to finance business activities in China subject to approvals by the Chinese authorities.

    Offshore RMB borrowing and funding

    We are an active underwriter and lead manager in the offshore Dim Sum market, and have a leading position in placing bonds among investors active in this market. HSBC was ranked first in the league table of lead managers by Bloomberg as of Q1 2016.

    Total Dim Sum issues have risen dramatically since the market opened in 2010 with gross issuances reaching RMB520 billion by the end of 2014. In 2016 HSBC Global Research forecasts issuance of RMB260-300 billion as issuers look to move to the onshore market to take advantage of possibly cheaper financing rates.

    Companies looking to raise their profile in Asia can also raise capital through renminbi-denominated initial public offerings (IPO) in London and Hong Kong with HSBC.

    Onshore financing

    HSBC is there to help as a registered bank in mainland China with loans, bonds and trade financing facilities tailored to clients' requirements for onshore financing. HSBC China has been at the forefront of the recent developments in the Panda Bond market, underwriting a number of key transactions including HSBC (HBAP), British Columbia and South Korea issuances."

    *All financing is subject to a detailed credit assessment and approval.

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