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  • Investing

    With renminbi short-term securities, HSBC provides companies with new avenues to diversify balance-sheet cash positions and accumulated funds.

    Offshore investment

    Companies can choose between a range of renminbi-denominated investment products in offshore markets including deposits accounts; primary and secondary renminbi bonds; certificates of deposit; structured deposits; and money-market funds. There is no restriction on the use of renminbi accumulated offshore provided funds are not remitted back to the Mainland.

    HSBC’s offshore banking products include:

    • Time deposits and certificates of deposit (CD)
    • Primary and secondary renminbi bonds issued offshore
    • FX-linked structured deposits
    • Interest-rate linked structured deposits
    • Equity-linked structured deposits
    • Precious-metal linked structured deposits
    • RMB funds
    • RMB foreign exchange options
    • RMB equities
    • RMB Gold Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)
    • RMB A-share ETF

    Onshore investment

    Companies that generate surplus cash from operations on the Chinese mainland can turn to HSBC to make the most out of these funds. Our onshore renminbi fund offers attractive returns and we can tailor allocations to meet different liquidity and operating requirements.

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