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Managing risk

  • Managing risk

    With foreign exchange hedging in renminbi, companies could reduce risks in invoicing and lower the transaction costs of trade and investment.

    As one of the most active participants in offshore renminbi foreign exchange and a registered dealer on the Mainland, HSBC provides companies with a comprehensive set of risk management instruments for trade and financing.

    Complete renminbi hedging tools

    HSBC provides deliverable forwards, options and swaps as well as access to the active non-deliverable market, which predates liberalisation of the renminbi.

    Offshore, HSBC clients can choose between renminbi non-deliverable forwards and options as well as an active deliverables market.

    Manage risks in mainland operations

    Companies wishing to transact on the Mainland can turn to HSBC to manage foreign exchange risks. We are the leading foreign bank in the interbank FX spot, forward and swap markets. HSBC provides deliverable currency and interest rate hedging tools, including swaps, options and forwards. We can help hedge all the transactions and transfers permitted by Chinese regulators, including debt and working capital repayment; income and expenses; capital injections; and income remittance.

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