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  • Investing

    Invest in China through a growing range of renminbi-denominated products from HSBC, available onshore on the Chinese mainland and in offshore markets worldwide.

    Access to Chinese investment themes has never been greater. HSBC offers access to the complete selection of renminbi securities traded offshore in London, Hong Kong and other markets as well as the onshore markets open to foreign investors.

    Renminbi markets open for investment

    We provide access to the complete range of investments in offshore renminbi (currency code CNH) in Hong Kong, London and other financial centres, which can be made with no restrictions from Chinese regulators. HSBC is also a leader in onshore investment (CNY), through various channels, including the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor (QFII) and China Interbank Bond Market (CIBM) regulatory schemes.

    Investing offshore

    HSBC provides financial institutions wishing to invest offshore with renminbi deposits products, the Dim Sum bond market, structured products and money market funds. Renminbi-denominated equities are also becoming available in Hong Kong. Our solutions include:

    • Time deposits and certificates of deposit
    • Primary and secondary renminbi bonds issued offshore
    • FX linked structured deposits and notes
    • Interest-rate linked structured deposits and notes
    • Equity linked structured deposits and notes
    • Commodity-linked structured deposits
    • Renminbi funds
    • Renminbi equities
    • Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect

    Investing onshore

    HSBC can help investors can take position in onshore capital markets in a variety of assets through the Renminbi Qualified Foreign Institutional Investors (RQFII) and CIBM schemes.

    We provide a one-stop package to help investors gain RQFII status through our sub-custodian banking services on the mainland. HSBC also provides its RQFII customers with global custody; FX arrangement; bond trading and execution; and related investment services. Investors who are eligible to become RQFIIs include asset managers, insurers, securities traders, sovereign wealth funds, central banks, supranational organisations and banks (local, commercial and private). Other eligible investors include pension funds, charity funds and government investment institutions.

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